Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I won three patterns:

                                                                   The Circle Game,
                                                         Broken Glass, and State Fair
The patterns are designed by Jen Kingwell of
When all my UFOs are completed, I'm going to start The Circle Game.  Anyone care to join me?  :-)
Oh, how could I forget?  I won the patterns through Katy at
Her blog is so cool with lots of tutorials and gorgeousness, you really should visit her if you don't already.


  1. Well, they're all pretty patterns, and I'm sure glad you won. But that Circle Game pattern looks very involved and detailed. At this point, I don't feel up to such an intricate project. State Fair looks more like my speed!

  2. Oh wow! Aren't they fabulous

  3. I have the State Fair picture posted on my desktop, I have the dot prints, and thought that one looked fun. Let me know, I'm on my summer time schedule, lol!
    hugs, pokey


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