Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cut-out applique?

Disclaimer:  I did not make this (although I wish I could claim to be the artist).
I don't know what it is, or who made it. It's some kind of cut-out applique, and it's hand-sewn.  My daughter gave it to me from her MIL.  I put it up on my design wall just because I like it, and as I was making some Granny Smith blocks I noticed the colors are very similar.  It makes me think of Victoria's tea towel challenge (bumblebeans.blogspot.com) where you take a tea towel and improv some borders around it.  I might attempt it with this piece.

In other news, I DID finish my Easy Street quilt but, as predicted, I folded the quilt top and put it away without sandwiching it or finishing it.  Maybe some day I'll find someone who will love it!

And here's a random question:  Do the colors turquoise and coral go together?  I can't picture it but I'm told by someone that those are the colors they like and I don't know if they meant the two together.  I didn't want to ask questions and get their suspicions up.

At my Monday night quilting class last week I asked Jean to bring in something for show and tell.  She obliged with this beauty:
Jean only showing from her eyebrows up :-)

I forget what she called this pattern - I like it!  The way the blocks are made, they appear to be shimmery.  And the entire quilt was so very soft!
Thanks, Jean!  



  1. Your Mola is beautiful as is that pretty jewel quilt.

  2. Love the colours on the applique (mola??)

    I can't quite picture turquoise and coral either, maybe go to a quilt shop and have a look at some turquoise and coral together and then add some other fabrics to the mix - white, grey and see how it works.

  3. What you have is a mola from Panama. Here's a good link to an explanation and a lot of other examples. http://www.panart.com/molainfo.htm

  4. Isn't that Hmong needlework? Looks familar, though I think Mola and Hmong might be one in the same, but from different cultures. I wouldn't put turquoise and coral together, but then I'm not fond of coral. Maybe turquoise, coral and white though!


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