Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lend me your expertise, please?

This quilt top is finished, with borders, and it's sandwiched waiting to be quilted.  I took two photos to show you but blogger will not allow me to upload them.  Can anyone give me some suggestions on how best to quilt it?  Of course, I'll be quilting it on my home Brother machine.  It's a large queen-sized quilt.  I'm getting better at FMQ, just so you know, and the backing is just one fabric, not pieced except for a seam down the middle.
I've been contemplating how to quilt it for much too long, but can't decide. 
Any comments, advice, suggestions?
~ Jodi ~


  1. It looks lovely, how about simple straight lines that criss cross through the squares?

  2. I was thinking cross hatch might look nice. I don't think I could do FMQ on a queen quilt, large lap quilts do me in!! Love the quilt top!!

  3. I'm a feather-girl, myself, so I see feathers in the gold areas. I'd probably quilt them in a color though, like pale pink or light gray, so they'd stand out. In the print areas I wouldn't waste time with intricate quilting, so that would be something like large, echoed arcs. Then, maybe opposite-direction arcs in the white spaces. Or straight quilting in the white places. My advice is to start with what you know you want to do. Then make decisions about the other areas when you get to them. I'll be watching.

  4. Hi, Jodi. Well you asked--here's another possibility. Since your quilt has such pretty fabrics, you could quilt the fabric motifs since you're doing FMQ, that is, follow the lines of the designs. This might take a bit more time because of the curves, but, you could also decide as you go how much quilting you want to work in to make parts of the flowers pop out more. So many possibilities...Good luck!
    best, nadia


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