Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recycled paper basket

 I made and gave this recycled paper basket to my daughter for Valentine's Day.  I'm showing some Denyse Schmidt fabrics and remnants from Joann's in it, but for her I put in a scarf, shirt, and a shirt and new sneaks for Ezra, none of which I took pics of.
 Tara posted the tutorial link for how to make it on her blog,, but here it is if you want to check it out:

Check out these adorable Babushka ornaments:
A friend at work has dubbed me "Babushka!"  She came up with that title when I was searching for a name for Ezra (my grandson), to call me.  Seeing as I am Irish, I was looking on the internet for what Irish babes call their grandmothers.  I couldn't find anything I could pronounce, for one thing, so she came up with Babushka!  It makes me smile every time she sends me an email addressed to Babushka!  Ha!  I believe it's the Russian name for grandmother.  If I was Russian I would embrace that name, but, alas, I am not, so for now I am Gram, unless Ezra comes up with his own handle for me!
And on that note, I will bid you good night/good day, wherever you may be!
~ Jodi ~

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  1. Your gift basket is cool, Jodi. I'm sure Tara was tickled for you to make one for her. Do you own any Babushka dolls- these are really cute!


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