Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A peek

of sister Kathy's quilt, the culprit (the quilt top, not my sister :-) responsible for the carpal tunnel pain a week ago:  
The setting sun is shining on the left side.  (Ignore the mess items on the right side, please). 

I have, since the pictures, finished the top.  Now I need to pick out a backing fabric, which means a trip to a fabric shop!  Poor me!
~ Jodi ~


  1. Oh, I pity you having to visit a fabric shop, I can think of nothing worse, lol, try not to spend too much :)

    Your sister's quilt looks beautiful, reminds me of stained glass.

  2. Such a beautiful quilt top! I love how you displayed it outside with interesting props. Very creative :-)

  3. Pip is right it looks like a stained glass window, very pretty!!!!

  4. Such creative displaying of a gorgeous quilt, too bad it caused so much pain. Hope you have given those hands a rest. Your sister is going to love it!

  5. What a gorgeous quilt!! The way the sun is hitting it, does look like cotton stain glass. Thank you for sharing the photos!


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