Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crumbing away...

and a bit stalled on my blue and white quilt:
but I'm almost finished hand-sewing the binding on my sister-in-law's quilt that I showed the previous post.
And I took some time out to make this little mug rug for the judge I work for.  She admired the one on my desk.  She's did an Ironman (for those who are unfamiliar, you run, bicycle, and swim, at least I think those are the three elements) and the Ironman coffee mug she received are these colors, so she asked me to match it.  I think it came out pretty good, considering I didn't have the mug in front of me to match:

Happy Columbus Day Weekend to those in the States, and Happy Thanksgiving to you who are celebrating Thanksgiving!
~ Jodi ~


  1. I so enjoy crumb piecing, yours is wonderful! You've gathered such neat colors. I have a few "stalled" projects myself, don't feel too bad. Great mug rug, maybe you can show it again with her cup sitting on it ~

  2. cute little mug rug...just finished some myself!! It is instant gratification, isn't i!!!

  3. Yes, I have stalled a lot of things as I have worked on this crumb along. It has been a lot of fun. Really pretty have been very busy!!

  4. What vibrant crumbs! I see these paired with some Kaffe Fassette fabrics for backing or sashing or binding. Like the direction you are going in!

  5. LOVE those crumb blocks!! They are looking so good.

  6. Love your colours crumb blocks, looks good so far .XO


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