Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A very "dumb" quilt!

 This quilt is probably a perfect (ha!) example of the "dumbing down" of quilting, but guess what?  I love it and I had a blast making it!
    The backing is a nice soft muslin, but it really shows my boo-boos and messiness at certain points.
 (Ignore the filthy deck, please!  That's on my hubby's honey-do list before the deck furniture makes an appearance)
 I practiced my free-motion quilting on these blocks and some are really bad and I should have used Jack (the ripper), but seeing as it's my practice quilt, I left it alone.  I forgot to take some close-up pics.  
 All of these pics are blurry, for some reason - hmmm.
The sun was setting in this pic.  I love the black and white binding, too!  I'm going to hang it over the desk in my sewing room.  I just need to make a sleeve for it and add the hanging of it to my hubby's honey-do list  :-)
Thanks for tarrying with me.  I hope you have a  blessed Wednesday!


  1. Thats a gorgeous quilt, Jodi!!! Wow!!

  2. I love your dumb quilt! tee-hee! It is bright and colorful! I can't see any boo-boos at all :)

  3. wow. it's gorgeous. I love the colours.

  4. Dumb? Stupid? Ignorant? Ahhhh if it were my quilt....I'd love it all the same....there is something so smart about using our hands to create isn't there? I'm happy you love it....it sure is fun to make something you enjoy. If you get tired of it....I can help you find a new wall for it...LOL


  5. I'm all for "dumbed down" quilts. Quilting is supposed to be fun and if that's what you're in the mood for, go for it!
    And dumbed down or not, I think it looks lovely!

  6. I guess I'M just glad I did not catch a lot of that "dumbed down quilts discussion";-)) to me, the bits I read about it sounded a bit ... well, let's talk about something more fun, as your quilt! It is wonderful, it is cheery, and I love how you added a bit of zing with the binding. Well done !!

  7. The colors are so fun, you'll smile every time you see it! We all need mindless creativity, and even in that mindless part, there are color decisions and precision seam practicing. Don't put your work on that level, Jodi, that is for someone who is missing out on the pleasure of sewing. This is a joyful quilt!
    :-} hugs, pokey

  8. Not a dumb quilt, it's a happy, bright quilt that sings to me. You enjoyed making it and it makes you happy and in the end I think that is really what matters.

  9. Any quilt that is loved is not a dumb quilt, in my opinion. Your quilt is wonderful! I love the bright fun fabrics :-) I'm not interested in making difficult, complicated quilts all of the time. Maybe some people are, but I like to make something quick and easy sometimes. Fun :-)

  10. I have a theory about "dumbed down" quilts. They're often the way that you can best showcase your fabrics. I think fabricholics get a real kick out of the simplest quilts. When you're making one of those it's about letting the gorgeous fabric shine through - which you've done in spades!!

  11. That doesn't look "dumbed down" to me at all. It looks lovely. I needed to see bright and cheery colors today. I love your rounded corners. I need to try that.

  12. Love it! Love all that colour. All that matters is that you love it and obviously enjoyed making it. Great blocks Jodi.

  13. You sound like me!!

    Love this quilt even with the boo-boos!
    Can I steal that term?


  14. I love this quilt and what a great idea . . . to practice different free-motion stitches on a small quilt. It makes me smile, all the wonderful bright and cheerful fabrics and all the swirling stitches. Thank you for sending me this link :)
    Connie :)


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