Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My darling sis made me go to Joann's with her last night in the frigid windy cold!  BUT I was able to use a gift certificate she gave me for my birthday which more than made up for it.  I got these fabrics to make a table runner or topper for St. Patrick's Day.  I purchased two more half yards of fabric with my gift certificate, too, for a machine quilting class we're taking at Ryco on February 19.  The photo came out very dark, but I'll show it to you anyway. 

The top left fabric is a gorgeous purple to match the color in the coleus - I love this coleus fabric!  I guess I cut off part of the fabric in the photo - oh, well.  I am striving to be an accomplished quilter, not a photographer  :-)  And now that I look at this picture, maybe that orange is too bright?  Hmmm...
For the class we are required to make a 15" Amish Basket block with two contrasting fabrics.  I've made one so far and I'll show you the blocks when I have the other stitched up.
Thanks for tarrying with me - have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi, Jodi! What a shame, you had to go to Joann's-! My friend who came in January laughed that we took her there first thing.
    I really like the coleus print! That plant was one of my folk's favorites, we always had them growing, often in the house in pots. Living in Ca, mine are in the yard, and Larry has grown fond of them, too.
    Looks like you're in fora good time.


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