Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smorgasborg of pics

My family's Christmas party yesterday - not all are present, but most are.  I've never shown a picture of myself on my blog before, I don't think, so I'm the one in the second row with the light blue sweater and glasses.  My husband is the one the back getting a kiss from my nephew.  My daughter and grandson and son-in-law are to my right.  My son is in the back row showing his teeth in a big smile!  Sister behind me, sister to my left, sister in the front with the red and black.  Brother way in the back on the top left with is wife in red plaid, and another brother way over on the right with a white t-shirt and glasses.  Then lots of nieces, nephews, sisters-in-law.  We had great fun - did a yankee swap which I made a quilt for that I'll tell you all about later.  Gotta run and get ready for church!  My, how time flies!!!  Be back later!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Beautiful family!!!
    Have as many wonderful moments spent together!


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