Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm back to finish my last post...

                    My six-week-old grandson at the party!  He looks pretty bored, but awfully cute, right?

I ran out of time earlier today to show you what I wanted to show you - (and thanks, QDO, for your nice comment about my family!  I love your comments, and your blog!)  Anyway, every year we do a Yankee Swap where you bring a gift to the party, pick a number when you get to the party, and then take turns selecting a gift from under the tree in the order of the numbers, 1 through however many people bring a gift, and you can swap your gift for somebody else's if you like theirs better.  Everyone is always a good sport about it, and we put a limit on what you should spend on the gift, like $20.
So this year when we were planning the party and saying what we would volunteer to bring for food, my husband jokingly said that I would bring a quilt (because he comments frequently that that's all I do these days, is quilt - guess what?  He's right!)  So I took his comment to heart and ran with it - or should I say sewed with it!  I had a bunch of blocks already from the Fat Quarterly quilt-a-long, so I sewed them all together,  put on a border, quilted it, bound it, and wrapped it up for the swap.  And I used mostly all scraps and a sheet I scored at Target for $2.88!  So it really did only cost me about $20 if you don't count the money I spent on the intial purchase of fabric, which I could never recalculate anyway.  Well, my darling niece took home the quilt!  First my nephew and his wife chose it and unwrapped it.  I'm not sure if they liked it or not - very hard to read!  But my niece I KNOW loved it.  She "swapped" it with them and they couldn't say no!  So they got her gift, which was some pretty glass decorations.
My niece knows what goes into the making of a quilt, so I know she appreciates it and will cherish it.  So here's some pics now that I've probably bored you to death, those of you who even bothered to read all that :-)

The backing and border on front is a $2.88 buttery yellow twin sheet from Target.
The fabrics are assorted, as you can see, and I couldn't even begin to name them all.  (I need to get better at that).
And a few more pics of a mug rug I made for my darling sister, Mary Ann!  She took great care of me during my hip surgery recovery.  We go to a very laid-back quilting class once a week and we learned (or she learned and I screwed up) paper piecing.  Mine was a mess because I just couldn't grasp it, and she loved it and helped me with mine.  So I made her this little mug rug in thanks, plus I love her dearly and don't tell her that often enough!

Gnome and paper-pieced pumpkin by sis!

Back - love this fabric, but, again, not sure what it is!  Ugh!  My apologies to the designers!
Well, have a great week, my bloggy friends!


  1. Aww, you're so sweet and I love you too! The mug rug has given me many fond memories of our paper piecing adventures!! Remember don't cut it too short!!! Looking forward to the paper pieced houses and tea cups...

  2. Jodi, I love all the Heather Ross centres on the quilt. I think your niece will treasure your quilt. Love that it only cost about $20 in materials - who would guess!! Liz


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