Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Postage stamp quilt

 Ignore the messy sewing room - ugh.  And I must have taken this at the wrong time of day because the colors are all washed out.  Yes, the fabrics are muted, but not this muted.
  For a few years I had it in my heart and mind to make a quilt for a dear young mom, also my daughter's friend. She's a sweet woman with a Godly husband and a darling young daughter, Mykenzie, and a son, Zachary, who is now home with his Heavenly Father after blessing his mom and dad for 18 days.  I think of him and his little family often, offering up prayers for peace and comfort for them.
 I know they will enjoy this quilt, hopefully for many years.

I love you guys!  xo


  1. My goodness! You're on a roll. Gorgeous!

  2. When I go over sometime, I always make sure to snuggle with this quilt for a minute. It's beautiful and I love the fabric you used!


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