Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The heart quilt

in more ways than one.
This is my sister Diane basting a quilt she started about 20 years ago!  She pieced and hand embroidered eight hearts when her daughter Meghan was about four years old.  This year became the year to get it done, and get it done she did.  Here's some blocks close up with her beautiful hand work:

It started out as a little girl quilt, but now that Meghan is 26 years old, it needed to be suitable for a sophisticated young woman.  I think Diane truly accomplished this.  
Here she is hard at work sewing on some sashing.  
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the final quilt!  I thought I did but, alas, they are not on my camera.  I hope to get some and show you another day.  It's a gorgeous quilt, and Meg loves it!
Oh, and it's New Year's Day, so Happy New Year to you all, near and far. 
~ Jodi ~


  1. I think it is beautiful! What a sweet project to bring to completion. Happy New Year, my friend Jodi!

  2. Oh my Goodness! My Mom gave me this quilt for my 26th birthday just a few weeks ago. It's absolutely beautiful and a wonderful embodiment of the relationship I have with my Mom. I will cherish it for the rest of my days and then pass it along as a continued symbol of love. Thank you Aunt Jodi for whatever encouragement and help you gave my Mom. Thank you Momma, for absolutely everything.

    1. Meg, you deserve every bit of energy and effort put into that quilt! Your mom and I had fun spending some time together working on it, and prayed that you would love it!


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