Saturday, September 15, 2012

two more drawstring bags

These are so quick to sew up, thanks to Jeni.
After I made the first bag a few weeks ago, I loved it so much I bought her pattern.  She gives a free tutorial on her blog, but then if you want to make multiple sizes you can purchase the pattern, so I've been going to town.  So far I've made four different sizes, but she gives about eight, I think, maybe more (I haven't counted).  Jeni also has a fabulous blog that never fails to inspire me and make me smile. 
Happy weekend!
~ Jodi ~


  1. Such cute bags. I love the fabric you used ; )

  2. So well done, Miss Jodi! MmMm, Amy Butler, and one of my favorites! Okay, I looked up Jen's tutorial, I may need to consider this one...thanks ~

  3. I'm really into bags now too. Been collecting bag pattern PDFs on pinterest. Mum makes drawstring bags for us. She's made a huge one from Aboriginal dot fabric so I can transport quilts. She's also made a tiny one to hold snow pea seeds for the boys and their gardening projects! Thanks for all your gorgeous comments, yes, Elena is the one I'm coming to visit in Boston in two weeks. The quilt is still with the quilter, and will be putting up pics as soon as it's back.


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