Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kim's quilt:

I just realized I never showed you the pics of Kim's finished quilt.  It now resides on her bed and she seems pretty happy with it.  Here it is, free-motion quilted, in all its glory:
 My son was doing the honors of holding it up for me.  (I should have paid attention to the "stuff" in the background - ugh!)

Okasan is mother in Japanese (I hope I spelled it correctly!)  She calls herself my Japanese mother.  She will be 80 in July.
Have a blessed rest of the week, to those of you who have tarried with me this post!
xo  ~ Jodi ~


  1. How sweet, you have a Momma who has adopted you!
    Her quilt is wonderful, Jodi, good share ~

  2. What a lucky lady to receive such a beautiful quilt!!. Love the shot of the background with the quilt, everyday life at its best!!

  3. Very pretty. What a nice thing for you to do. She'll love it!

  4. It came out Beautiful, Jo!!!

  5. Beautiful Jodi, I love all the orange squares through it. Don't forget that you can always crop out annoying backgrounds in photos.


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