Tuesday, January 24, 2012

lending help or hair?

Can you see Lacey there?  She's showing up very dark in this picture, although she's gray, not black.  Every time I step away from FMQing this quilt she hops up and snuggles in.  Good thing I wash my quilts when they're complete; otherwise, it would be pretty hairy.  I'm almost done with the quilting, then I can put the binding and label on and give it to Kim, finally.  It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but as you know, my Brother went kaflooey (sp?) shortly before Christmas, so that went out the window.  And I've been so enamored of paper piecing the little houses, that I must admit I've been neglectful of my "obligations."  (Sorry, Kate)  I will get to my sister's quilt, too, after Kim's is done.  And then there's Kathy's blue and white quilt...
another Christmas gift that wasn't.  I gave the top to Kathy to make sure it is big enough for her king-size bed.  She says yes.  I'm not so sure.  The above pic is showing it on my bed while I was laying the blocks out for placement.  And Lacy was helping there, also.  Now I need to get it back from Kathy so I can finish it.  
I hope you all have recovered from the holidays and are back in the swing of things, keeping any resolutions you made, and sewing at least 15 minutes a day!  (Hello, Mary - how that FMQing coming along?)
May you all bless and be blessed!
~ Jodi ~


  1. Oh, she is definitely lending help, I don't know what it is about quilts but cats just seem to love them or perhaps they know they will get a bit of attention when they sit on them while you are quilting or laying them blocks out. My cat is a Maine Coon and his hair seems to stick to everything, a lint roller is really good at getting all the hair off quilts.

  2. Cute helper! The quilts are lovely and loved I'm sure no matter what time of year they are given :-)


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