Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm back so soon,

to show you some of what I HAVE been doing while neglecting my blog.  Here's a peak of a lap quilt I made and gave at our family Christmas yankee swap:
  My bro took it home, now I need to get it back to wash it, sign it, and take more pics.
And I have been working on my sister's anniversary quilt, with many interruptions, though:
Thanks to all who gave me advice and instructions!  Very helpful, and I was able to figure it out thanks to my blogging friends!
I also am making a quilt for my friend, Kim.  Big 8" blocks with some sashing and I'll be finished:
And one more (like I NEED another project?) a mystery quilt my Monday night quilt class is starting:
So not a lot of finishes, but I have been very busy. But guess what?  My sewing machine took the worst possible time to take a sabbatical!  She's in the shop for repair - ugh!  A great friend lent me her sewing machine so I'm still making SOME progress.  No FM or darning feet, though!  Anthony better hurry fixing  my Brother!
Have a marvelous day!
~ Jodi ~   


  1. I love it that you call it a Christmas yankee swap! Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm guessing that a Christmas Yankee swap is similar to a Kris Kringle here in Australia. Love the fabrics you used on the lap quilt, blues yum.


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