Monday, August 9, 2010

Etsy purchase - a teeny bit of what heaven must be like!

My post carrier carried this up to my door today!  Yippee!  From stefaniexu on Etsy.  The top little package is a gift from her. Lovely!  I wonder if she hand-crocheted the heart herself.  And I just have to show you the details:

   Pardon the poor lighting, please.
I can't read what it says underneath these bashful peacocks, but it's Japanese light cotton fabric, Zoology.
Zoology Collection 

Japanese cotton fabric - lovely daisy and lavender.
Japanese Summer Birds on Floral Tree Stumps
 Unique Linen Collection - Vintage Love Letter (it's in French and I can't read it, but I love it)
Love of Nature - gorgeous floral, orange, green, light green
Love of Nature Spring Garden in green and blue
And last but not least, the gift - so thoughtful, and the package was done up so nicely, too, with happy thank you tape.  Thanks, Stefanie!  I will be back to visit!  And anyone reading my blog, I highly recommend YOU visiting Stefanie's etsy site, too!


  1. Gorgeous fabrics. Loove the bird one. And I used to be able to read French, from what I can see, it's written using very elegant, formal tense of the verbs. Nice old fashioned love letter! Liz

  2. Dear Jodi, thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I love the fabrics you got and thoroughly enjoyed my peek around your blog. I would love to come and sit in your garden with you, get to know each other better as we stitch, :)
    Looking forward to many more visits!
    From faraway Cyprus,

  3. Beautiful Fabrics!!! Hmm they may be all sewn up by this week..... especially the zoology and Japanese pieces..... Hurry back, HA!!

  4. Mitts off, dearie! MAYBE I'll share some...

  5. I am soooo addicted to Japanese fabrics so it is truly lucky that I am living in the land of Japanese fabrics :) !!!


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