Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A doll/mini quilt - thanks, Sew Mama Sew, for that wonderful tutorial! I'm having a blast, and almost done. Will hand sew the binding on today. Now to get my sis to show me how to create a label- hint, hint. (And we'll see if she's REALLY "following" me.) The sea horse is embroidered free-hand (maybe I should have added some sea grass) and the dragonfly is hand-appliqued. I did some machine quilting around the border. I think I will hand-quilt it, today, too.
I'm surprising myself at my ripened age - maybe I've finally found some creativity and a wee bit of God-given talent - thank you, Lord!


  1. Super cute quilt. I love the seahorse and the dragonfly.

  2. I love it!! and I will be glad to make some quilt labels with you : ) PS: how do I set this up to get an email when you post something new?

  3. I love it! Your fabric choices are more my style than usual :) Nice blog, too. Love you, mom!


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